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Gabrielle Christen: Can regularly be spotted walking the hills of the Lake District, her second home, exploring the world on her bike and digging in the earth or scratching pigs’ bellies on Hof Narr. She works with Amnesty International to defend human rights and with to defend the rights of non-human animals. She has a soft spot for drinking green tea or smoky whiskies in good company. And, quite frankly, life without music would be a sad place in her view.

René Worni: A half-blooded Italian, he discovered the Lake District’s beauty in 2014 and marvelled at the countless sheep. He is currently reviving his earlier bicycle mania and leaving his Espace to disintegrate. Cat lover, occasional musician and documentary filmmaker, journalist, now and then active visitor to Hof Narr and currently writing hand with an NGO working on issues regarding asylum and migration.

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