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Dance of the stallions

It is definitely time for a feel-good post! This was filmed back in Holland, but we really wanted to share it with you.

The sun is about to sink into the horizon when we come upon an unexpectedly beautiful scene: On a large field five stallions play boisterously with one another. This is a rare spectacle as stallions are often kept separately from other horses.

2 Comments Dance of the stallions

  1. Julie and Paul

    Beautiful! How breathtaking that must have been for you to see. A little display just for you of the beautiful world we live in!
    our love to you both
    Paul Julie Louis and Luca xxxx

    1. Gabrielle

      You are absolutely right, we were deeply touched by the scene. And, having grown up with horses, I guess these creatures will always hold a spiecial place in my heart. Heaps of love to you all from both of us! xx

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