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Do you want your own Flying Piglet T-Shirt?

We have heard that some people want to have the Flying Piglet logo tattooed. SUPERPENG will gladly put the logo at your disposal (just let us know). However, we can’t tattoo, but we can screen print for you!


Send us your shirt, we’ll print the Flying Piglet logo on it in exchange for a 25 Franks donation to Hof Narr. Those of you who have already sponsored the Flying Piglets will, of course, get a shirt printed for free.

This is how you get your own Flying Piglet shirt:

Your shirt/textiles should
– be of mostly non-synthetic fabric.
not be too light-coloured. The printing colour is white.
at least be 30 cm in width. We can try and improvise with smaller sized textiles, but can’t guarantee an impecable printing quality.
– arrive at SUPERPENG at the latest by 31 August 2015.

Send your shirt to: SUPERPENG, Hofenstrasse 141, 3033 Wohlen bei Bern, Switzerland

Please enclose a note indicating the following information:
What should be printed: logo with or without writing ( or only writing.
Where should it be printed: piglet at the front, writing at the back (or vice versa).
Address, where the printed textiles should be sent.

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