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Earthworm saved!

It doesn’t take any kind of zoological specialist knowledge to recognise distinctly that even earth worms or spiders in danger will do everything in their power to get themselves out of harm’s way and protect their lives. Reason enough for us to try and support them in this endeavour whenever possible, in truly buddhist manner. Why don’t you try it!

Rosa Luxemburg says:

«A world must be overturned, but every tear that has flowed and might have been wiped away is an indictment; and a man hurrying to perform a great deed who steps on a worm out of unfeeling carelessness commits a crime. »

In loving memory of my mother who taught us to treat life in all its manifestations with respect.

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  1. Carola

    That’s a nice memory – I remember you telling that story at Marianne’s funeral. And understanding is what you gave the seagull, instead of just chasing it away. Looked so warm and sunny with seagull, then rainy with earthworm. Hope journey going well and you’re both fit. xx C

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