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We are cycling over 1’000 km for a truly good cause: the sanctuary Hof Narr. It provides a safe home for rescued ‘farm animals’ and the opportunity for children and adults to get to know them and be in turn inspired to promote a way of life respecting other species and the environment.

Become a sponsor of the Flying Piglets by making a donation to this wonderful project!

Make a donation to:
Verein Hof Narr, Gueetlistrasse 45, 8132 Hinteregg
Alternative Bank Schweiz, 4601 Olten
IBAN: CH78 0839 0032 9505 1000 8
>>> Don’t forget to annotate your payment with: Flying Piglets <<<

Please let us know if despite making a donation you would prefer not to be mentioned in the list of sponsors. Hof Narr is a registered charitable organisation.

We very much look forward to welcoming everybody who has sponsored us – and those wishing to do so on the spot – to a guided tour and delicious vegan cake buffet on Saturday, 12 September 2015 at 2 pm on Hof Narr!

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