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The idea


«When pigs fly…»
Pigs can’t fly. Every child knows that. Which is why the expression «When pigs fly…» refers to something unrealistic, unattainable, simply utopian.

But they do fly!
However, with our cycling tour we want to prove that piglets can fly after all. As the Flying Piglets, setting off towards the end of July 2015, we shall whizz from the English Lake District back to Switzerland on our bicycles – admittedly, not quite literally through the skies, but definitely uplifted. It is the idea, that a world more just beyond the boundaries of our species is possible that will lend us wings! A world in which non-human animals are no longer exploited, mistreated and killed, but respected as sentient and autonomous beings. This is why along the road we will, amongst other things, have our eye on humans and their relationship with other animals. We shall relate our impressions and experiences to you through texts, (moving) pictures and sounds on our blog.

Cycling for utopia turned reality
We are cycling the 1’000 km (620 mi) for a good cause: the sanctuary Hof Narr. Sarah, Georg, Melanie and their children have made a life respecting other animals and the environment reality on Hof Narr without further ado. On Hof Narr former so-called farm animals lead a sheltered life: saved from the slaughterhouse, freed from the purpose they – transformed into anonymous products – were intended to serve for the consumers. But on Hof Narr you will also find organic vegetables, cultural events in the stables as well as countless opportunities to get your hands dirty and look non-human animals in the eye. Hof Narr demonstrates that if you put your hands, heart and mind to it and mix in a liberal sprinkling of good sense of humour, you can build a future our grandchildren will want to live in.

Support us and be rewarded
Follow us on our cycling trip from Ambleside to Hinteregg: Enter your email address in the dark area below, where it says «Subscribe to blog via email» and automatically receive an email every time we put a new post on our blog. Sponsor the Flying Piglets by making a donation to Hof Narr and lend those piglets wings!

We would love to see you Saturday, 12 September 2015 at 2 pm on Hof Narr for a guided tour and a vegan deserts buffet for everybody who has sponsored us – or wishes to do so on the spot.

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  1. Julie and Paul

    Hi Gabrielle and Rene So good to hear you made it out of England – by far the most challenging part of the ride. Paul will send you comments on his C2C ride last month soon and you can talk blazing saddles!

    1. Gabrielle

      :-)) Actually, thanks to Paul’s good advice, it’s all good in the bum department so far 😉 but then again we took several days to do the stretch he did in a day!! Quite super human in our view :-) Heaps of love to you all! xx

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