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What is this bird called?

Ever since our departure from Ambleside (cf. picture above) we’ve had a bird in our luggage whom we are getting out now – with a fair bit of nostalgic memory of the beautiful landscapes and the wonderful encounters with animals and humans – as a little quizz. Who knows what this talented bird is called? If you have an idea, don’t hesitate to post it as a comment below. The first three to get it right will get an extra chocolate muffin on 12 September on Hof Narr… ;-)!

By the way: the complexity of the singing birds’ song was only reached by baroque music. Oliver Messiaen, one of the fathers of serial music and pioneer of the contemporary avant-garde, brought matters to a head. He based his music on bird song, which he fervently transcribed. He believed the piano to be the instrument best suited to reproduce the complex sound sequences. Which reminds me: On her doubble album «Aerial» published in 2005, the British singer Kate Bush imitates a blackbird’s song with her voice.

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