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Tons of individuals

Be it on the sumptuous buffet on the ferry to Holland, on markets, menus or on supermarket displays along the coast, they are omnipresent: Fish and other so-called seafood. In fishing statistics they are only referred to in tons. The single animal doesn’t exist as an individual in this context. This may partly arise from the fact that water separates them from us and makes them appear different in kind from us.

However, it has been established that most sea animals are sentient and avoid pain. Fact is, too, that despite its devastating environmental impact the worldwide consumption of sea animals continues to rise. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN 52 per cent of the worldwide edible fish populations have been exploited to their limits and 25 per cent have been over-fished or depleted. According to Wikipedia in the waters of the European Union as much as 88 per cent of the edible fish populations are over-fished. Comprehensive information about fish (in German) can be found on

Generally, the question arises why we take the lives of animals if alternatives for a healthy diet are at our disposal. And they are.

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